MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

RE: LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
(2021-04-14, 14:07)Manfred Kern Wrote: Well, the minute Apple dropped 32 bit support, wine didn't work anymore. So, I removed it.

But now I gave it a new try.
1. Just for a test I installed wine 5.0 via brew. Installation worked
2. Downloaded the archive file of LDCad for Windows
3. Unarchive and cd to the LDCad folder
4. Ran wine64 LDCad64.exe --> LDCad starts. When it asks for LDraw-Directory enter Z:\<full path to LDraw directory> using backslashes 
5. Fonts are missing, so needs to be grabbed from somewhere (e.g. a working windows installation). You need the verdana*.ttf fonts
6. Put those fonts into the $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts folder

Restart wine64 LDCad64 and it is working. I loaded some of the models shipped with LDCad. They work, but it is kinda slow.

Side remark about installing fonts: forget winetricks. This only works in a 32bit environment. Some System programs provided by wine , like regedit.exe don't work. They are 32bit.  You may mess around  with the main.gui file (located in LDCad/gui/default), but for me it is too complicated to match MacOS fonts into main.gui.

Now it works. But it is a hack. I wonder when it will break again.
Another side note: I am running MacOS11 (Big Sur) on a MacBook Air 2016 (Intel).

Thanks, that is very helpful! So we can at least say that Wine itself will run under Big Sur, but only 64-bit programs will work, confirming the rumors. For users who only really want to get LDCad working, that may be enough. (There seem to be a lot of Studio users on macOS who would like to be able to work in LDCad, for example.)

If you (or anyone) have Mission Control enabled with multiple desktop spaces, could you try something else?

1. Open LDCad in a desktop space with no other windows or apps in it
2. Switch to another desktop (this one can have windows open, or not; it doesn't seem to matter)
3. Switch back to the LDCad space
— Does the LDCad window appear to be the front window (even thought it's the only window)?
—Without clicking the mouse/trackpad, does anything in the LDCad window respond to mouse-over? Menu highlights, part highlights, source window entries, etc.?
—Without clicking the mouse/trackpad, does LDCad respond to any keyboard input? For example, ctrl-N for a new file?
4. Now click in the LDCad window, as if to make it active.
—Does the window now respond normally to mouse-over or keyboard inputs?

This is the issue I found with LDCad specifically, starting in Wine 5.0. The issue is not present in Wine 4.0.3. To me, it's a deal breaker, but other users might find it acceptable and thus be okay with current versions of Wine. (But I haven't tested other LDraw apps in 5.0.)
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