Rounding Errors in primitives?

RE: Rounding Errors in primitives?
(2021-03-25, 19:45)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Hi Teri,
Welcome here!
Very good observation... and actually, this is intended. For historical reasons, rings and cones are not normalized. Rounding is done this way for ring and cones (ok, seems weird at first sight!!!) so their vertices match exactly those of scaled normalized primitives (edges, cylis, discs and so on...)

Thanks for the explanation - weird though it is. I'll definitely have another look, but - yes - I can see why compatability with other scaled primitives would be necessary.

This arose because I was investigating importing models into Blender and noticing some of the chunkiness.  I thought creating higher resolution files of 1/96 rather than 1/48 might 'improve' the smoothing.  This can, of course, be done piecemeal using custom parameters to PrimGen2, which then produces those 'non-normalised' values,  but I got fed up with all that clicking!!   I thought I'd do it in python, and auto-generate the primitives.  Still a WIP - havent tackled Torus yet - but 3855 Rings, Cones, Circles, Discs, Ndiscs, Chords, Cylinders .dat files take about 5 seconds to generate. 
I'll switch back to generating the 'non-normalised' values. Loads of time to play at this - we seem to have months of Lockdown to go ....

BTW, you seem to have rounded my name from Tery to Teri. Rolleyes
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