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(2021-07-14, 19:51)Roland Melkert Wrote: This is how it looks in LDCad, thought it was already posted above but apparently that was in another thread.

This is how I always understood the LDraw format to work, recursive at a per file level. So the embedded stud.dat is only used by models refering stud.dat inside the mpd file itself

I know this is old, but I'm replying to this before replying to another thread.

Two things:

  1. LDView behaves like you see only because you chose to use a primitive that LDView can substitute for your sample. When primitive substitution is enabled in LDView, it always ignores any data in the associated dat file of a substituted primitive. So, "stud.dat" is directly recognized by LDView as being a stud primitive, and it ignores any and all on-disk definitions for that when primitive substitution is enabled. Not all files in the <LDraw>\p directory are directly supported by LDView's primitive substitution, so some primitives could be included in an MPD and have that definition show up in LDView.
  2. If you turn off primitive substitution in LDView, I think you will see all the studs become yellow. I can change its behavior regarding MPD-embedded files to make them local to the MPD.
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