Parts made from several individual parts.

RE: Parts made from several individual parts.
(2021-03-11, 21:25)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: In LPub3D you can substitute any part made of more parts with a submodel or shortcut part.
In this case the control stick 4592c01.dat (if you use it with a colored base and black stick).
Use that as a substitute in your PLI and BOM and use it in your model with the stick in the right angle.
If you have another color combination (base/lever) you can simply make a submodel with the right color base and stick, like 4592c01.dat and use that submodel as a substitute.

Hello Jaco,

Thank you for the information.
However, I prefer the solution of creating a separate part for such parts and sending it to the parts tracker to make it an official part.
I understood the previous statements to mean that it is okay as this has already been done with other parts.
The possibilities of LPub are enormous and I am only just discovering them.


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