Parts made from several individual parts.

RE: Parts made from several individual parts.
(2021-03-06, 13:52)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Hold that thought. I don't think we want to have that.
This shortcut is flawed and should be obsoleted. The position of the stick is incorrect. The hinge base is also flawed and needs to be corrected.
And in every model using this assembly the position of the stick is different, so it has to be used inlined anyway. Changing the colour of the inlined template is then easy to do.
IMHO one template, with a coloured stick, is good enough. The correct number for this assembly is 73587.

In order to display a part in the parts list or the bom, which consists of several parts, I need this as an individual part and not the individual parts. In the building instructions, the separte parts would be used to adjust the orientation and the angle for example.
If this part is not in the official library, this part must be stored in a separate library. I don't know whether this part can alternatively be stored in the model's file like a sub-model.
I understood that it makes no sense to store parts in the library in different existing color combinations, although only one color can be transferred. The other colors used are permanently defined in the DAT file.
The background to my question was that I am currently working on a kind of workflow for me for creating building instructions.
I will create a separate library for me for all parts that consist of several parts.


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