LDView LDview will not start (previously worked)

RE: LDview will not start (previously worked)
(2021-05-17, 23:26)Leonardo Gonzalez Wrote: Radeon Software version: 21.4.1 (considered a Recommended update released: 4/13/2021) continues to breaks LDView 4.3. Also failed with LDView 4.4 Beta 4 test release.

Unfortunately, unless you (or someone else with a Radeon card that's not working) is willing to build LDView from source and run it in a debugger, this is not likely to ever be fixed. You could try reporting it to AMD.

As an aside, you might try running with -IgnoreAllOGLExtensions=1 on the command line. If this fixes the problem, you can then try disabling each of the supported extensions one by one. The individual Ignore settings are:

  1. IgnoreAniso
  2. IgnoreFramebufferObject
  3. IgnoreMultiDrawArrays
  4. IgnoreMultisample
  5. IgnoreMultisampleFilterHint
  6. IgnorePBuffer
  7. IgnorePixelFormat
  8. IgnoreVAR
  9. IgnoreVBO
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