LDView LDview will not start (previously worked)

LDview will not start (previously worked)
For reasons unknown, when I try to open the LDView.exe it only shows on the task manager for 2 seconds and then disappears. It was working before (about a week ago), I had everything setup to run LDCad, convert with LDView, and render in POV-Ray.

LDCad and POV-Ray work just fine, but LDView suddenly stopped operating. I have tried everything I know, including but not limited to cleanups, scans, check disk, defrag, etc. And went on and did a clean installation of the LDraw AIOI.

After re-installing the AIOI, LDView is still not working. Any ideas on troubleshooting? Everything is updated to the latest (stable) version in the PC (I avoid betas).

  • The effect appears to only be caused by AMD drivers, I will keep track of this for the next updates.
  • You can immediately gain back the use of LDView by uninstalling the Radeon Software (in this specific case, meaning if you updated to anything after 20.12.1).
  • If you would like to have access to the video card functionality with the previous version of the software, you can download it on the official AMD website by clicking this link and scrolling down to the installation package: Radeon Software version 20.12.1
  • In the very rare event that the uninstall fails, AMD provides a cleanup tool that you can run to remove traces of the Radeon Software. Follow this link for the AMD Cleanup Utility.

Tested updates that break LDView 4.3 functionality:
  • Radeon Software version: 21.2.1 (Optional update released: 2/1/2021)
  • Radeon Software version: 21.3.1 (Recommended update released: 3/10/2021)
  • Radeon Software version: 21.4.1 (considered a Recommended update released: 4/13/2021) 1

- Optional update: This means that the update does not contain critical fixes from AMD, rather some minor specific changes. If these changes do not affect the use of your video card you can skip the optional update (if you haven't installed it yet) until the next recommended update is available.

- Recommended update: This is a standard stable driver update that AMD recommends to all users of their cards. Recommended updates often include new features and fixes.

1 Also tested with LDView 4.4 Beta 4 test release.
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