LDraw.org 2020-03 Parts Update Now Available

RE: LDraw.org 2020-03 Parts Update Now Available
(2021-02-04, 17:31)Willy Tschager Wrote: The catalog gets updated on my request and is part of the AIOI.

Right now, I only generate this for Willy to put into the AIOI. I use a custom bash shell script that I created myself that runs on my Mac. The script generates HTML, which I then import into a master document in LibreOffice, and then export from there to PDF.

Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all have serious issues with table pagination that prevents me from simply printing to PDF from a web browser. (I just verified that again today.)

As an aside, the 2020-03 PDF is 79 MB. My script actually has support for high-DPI (200%) scaling of all the images, but I don't use that. I'm not entirely sure that scaling still works, but the generated PDF would likely be about four times bigger with that enabled.
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