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RE: Wrong color display in POV-Ray
(2020-12-09, 22:59)Manfred Schäfer Wrote: Hello, I loaded Lego models into LDView 4.3 and exported them as POV-Ray files. I noticed that some colors are displayed incorrectly in POV-Ray. I haven't found a way to adjust the colors. In the following picture, the output of LDView can be seen in the upper part, saved as a PNG file, and in the lower part the representation in PovRay. There are particularly large deviations in the transparent colors. Am I doing something wrong or how can I adjust the colors?

Do you have LGEO enabled for your POV export? If not, LDView should generate all the colors and have them have the same RGB as it uses internally. If so, though, it will use the LGEO colors defined in LGEO.xml, which might not match the current LDConfig.ldr file that defines LDraw colors.
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