Extension for material properties?

RE: Extension for material properties?
(2022-04-04, 22:05)Orion Pobursky Wrote: The only appropriate thing I can think of would be slope bumps

There are a couple of other plastic finishes, most notably the less glossy finish found on the softer plastics used for pointed parts. Maybe some other "frosted" surfaces, and I believe there are a few different grades of roughness for the slopes as well. These might well all fall under the same set of parameters as the slope surface.

Otherwise, printed/sticker/ink surfaces also tend to have a duller finish. But these also have their own peculiar colors, so maybe those are kept within the !COLOUR meta.

Quote:Keep it simple. Something like:
0 !SURFACE SLOPE|(Other surface finishes here)

I guess the specific parameters would be defined by the individual materials—in other words, just the same way as the MATERIAL tag is now.

Quote:How those surfaces are rendered would be up to the author of the program that implements the META.

By coding I meant the numerical code. In other words, if the code for the slope material is 00100, then a yellow slope would get color code 1400100. But maybe it should be 14-100, or 14.100, or not use numerals at all…
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