Extension for material properties?

RE: Extension for material properties?
(2022-04-04, 23:37)Max Murtazin Wrote: Doing that tho creates flood of same color in different finish. It creates at least solid, rubber, cloth, ink and soft finishes for the one Lego Color, multiplying possible count of colors by 5. I think that adding some sort of the META that defines the finish for those materials would make things easier for defining the standard. If also trying to keep backwards compatibility, extra RGB values can be defined through, for example, new config files specifically those finishes, and also leaving for software designers to also have procedurally-generated values for various finishes if there are no pre-defined ones

This is exactly what I'm saying. The yellow RGB values for rubber, cloth, plastic, and string are different. So we'll have to define different colors for them anyway. In other words the way we do things now. This means that a material tag separate from color only make sense for different surface finishes for like materials. The only use case I can come up with off the top of my head is slope "roughness".
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