Extension for material properties?

RE: Extension for material properties?
(2020-10-03, 18:44)Gerald Lasser Wrote: I actually like the proposal in the "very old" thread, i.e. having a material start meta and end meta.

I got now the Trolls container, which is opaque on the outside, i.e. slightly rough, but on the inside it is shiny ABS. That's not a simple material property that can be applied to the part in general.

Some materials are covered by assigning a special color, like Rubber or metal

We already have a material start/end meta (sort of), it's called the texture extension.

It just needs some changes to make it work with in a different mode.

Maybe introduce a new meta name which is backwards compatible with the texture one. So parsers don't need to support jet another begin/end/next mechanism.  They would only need to disable part of it's parameter handling etc when the meta is called texture instead of e.g. 'material'
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