What parts library does mecabricks.com use?

RE: What parts library does mecabricks.com use?
(2020-09-13, 2:55)David Manley Wrote: I believe (though I can't find the information at the moment) that "Scrubs" (the author of Mecabricks) know about LDraw but wanted to more accurately model the bricks (e.g. part measurements in fractions of mm) than that offered by the LDraw standard. For most of us (me included), LDU's are a sufficiently good enough basis to use when model things. Scrubs wanted greater accuracy. If I manage to find the article where I read this, I will post a link.



Not that I doubt this explanation, but would it actually be necessary to devise a whole new standard just for better accuracy? It seems like that info could be added to a file in the same way that other kinds of metadata are, like snapping info. In fact, I imagine it being a feature of a hypothetical LDraw 2.0—precise physical dimensions coded into parts, so as to allow more accurate and consistent rendering of seams between bricks, for example.
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