LDPE 0.8.52 Beta Released (bugfix for newer Java versions)

RE: Problem with 0 BFC INVERTNEXT in last line
(2021-01-26, 16:41)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Probably not related to this version (and not so annoying since it shouldn't happen!), but if last line of a file is "0 BFC INVERTNEXT", 3D view freezes (and even if you open an other file, there is no refresh of 3D view). You have to close/reopen to get ldpe working again.

Thanks Philo. I was able to reproduce the issue (#769). The fix is included in the next release.
It is not so easy to reproduce since it depends on the current render mode (OpenGL 2.0 only).

The following modes will currently cause a freeze from an invalid INVERTNEXT without a type 1 line:
  • Red Backfaces
  • Real Backface Culling
  • Special Cond. Line Mode
It is not necessary that "0 BFC INVERTNEXT" is the last line in the file to trigger the error.
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