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RE: Banner gradient on the main site
(2020-08-04, 18:28)Leonardo Gonzalez Wrote: May I suggest a solid white background. Here are some literal bullet points in no specific order:
  • The "wireframe reveal" in the logo depicts a faux transparency with a white background. This illusion gets lost with the gradient.
  • White would match the rest of the website buttons and text spaces, and contrast with the soft gray background.
  • The brick color used for the different sections is highlighted (meaning it pops out better) when on a plain white background. (example of this is the forum)
  • Some people with certain degrees of color blindness may potentially have some trouble reading the black font as it approaches the darker blue of the gradient.
  • The blue gradient is not used anywhere else on the website, so there really is no "tie-in" to anything else.

Here's 2 mockups. Note, the right logo is just there for illustration purposes. It won't be there on the front page or most of the the main site. In fact, I'm seriously considering centering and enlarging the logo on the front page.


My thoughts: I'm not sure I like the epic whiteness. Maybe if we darkened the background grey?
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