Complete Cylinder Hemisphere 61287pb002 and 61287pb001 (Earth map / Globe)

RE: Cylinder Hemisphere 61287pb002 and 61287pb001 (Earth map / Globe)
(2020-07-30, 12:03)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: My daughter was so kind to give me some time on _my_ laptop, so I could upload transparent versions of the images in the Google folder: t-pb001.png and t-pb002.png =.
Where t stands for transparent, not tan. I have renamed the versions with background to dt-pb001.png and dt-pb001.png.

Next I tested and compare the two versions in LPub3D, LDView and LDcad.
Top globe is with transparent background, bottom is with dark tan background.

The strangest thing in LPub3D is that a certain area of the image is not rendered in every instance of the generated image.

LDCad does a very nice job rendering

LDView 4.3 did not render the textures and 4.2 crashed parsing the model.

The missing bits in LDView are probably due to a slider that needs to be adjusted. In the Textures section of the Primitives tab is an "Offset" slider. Setting it to a higher value will hopefully fix that problem. Having said that, the reason it isn't automatically set to a higher value is because doing so can introduce artifacts.

I made quite a few fixes to LDView's texture support relatively recently, and I don't know what code-base is being used by LPub3D. LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 (available here) renders the transparent version like this when the part color is set to Tan:

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