TEXMAP addition to Official Library Spec

RE: TEXMAP addition to Official Library Spec
(2020-07-24, 16:05)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: How about LeoCAD and Bricksmith?  Lpub3D?  POV-Ray?

Import/export to and from Stud.io? Will it work?

And the guys over at Eurobricks and GitHub,
Import/export to and from LDD ?

Blender export?

I'm pretty sure LeoCad supports and I know Bricksmith does. LPub3D uses LDView as the its rendering engine so yes. POV-Ray isn't an LDraw program. 

Part of the reason for this change proposal is to make sure the official part has, at the very least, correct geometry in non-TEXMAP supporting programs (i.e. no missing faces, holes, etc). I think that's the most important issue and why I made this proposal. 

The other issue, and something we can hash out in a different thread is how detailed the fallback needs to be or when TEXMAP is appropriate.
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