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(2020-07-01, 19:27)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Nothing. Everything is handled in browser and it never leaves your computer.

This may change slightly in the future. For the PT, I send the part number to be displayed to the server and it sends back a list of the parts and primitives used in the file. This helps speed the processing of the file since the viewer doesn't need to ping 2/3/4 separate address to figure out where the part data is (official/unofficial parts/p/textures). For models, the script used will get the model data but it won't be saved anywhere, only used internally by the script.

Really looks nice, and I like the way it is construction the model.

But is it loading unofficial Parts properly? I tried a model using part 24121 (unoff), it did not show this part.

PS: On the main page, the part images don't show
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