Official Library File Format Restictions

RE: Official Library File Format Restictions
I have some comments on this.

Quote:While both upper and lower case letters are permitted in filenames, filenames are case-insensitive. Currently, all official parts are issued with upper-case only names.

I dont understand this:  "all official parts are issued with upper-case only names."

 AFAIK there are no files in the library with a upper case file ending.
Some dat-files may contain references to primitives using .DAT as a file ending, but it is considered an error and are auto-corrected by LDPE, if you tell it to do that, changing the ending to lower case .dat.
DATHeader ignore this, and accept a file using .DAT in the code.
In some files there is a comment about the use of .DAT on stud primitves to please LEdit. I have ignored that and change any old file I edit and replace .DAT with .dat.

I think it needs a clarification.

Quote:All files in the LDraw Parts Library are required to carry the .DAT extension.

Same here. What is this wording trying to explain? Why .DAT? Why upper case?

Quote:[*]The shortcut may not include more than one part, although that part may be a composite part (one with a "c" in the filename).
[*]The shortcut may not be a flat sticker on the flat surface of the part unless unless that surface is not parallel with one of the 3 cardinal ...

We have lots of composite parts without the "c" in the filename.
"Unless" is duplicated in the second sentence.

Quote:0 !KEYWORDS Set 10442-1, Bricklink 973pb0042

The suffix "-1" on set numbers are not needed, unless there are more than one known sets with the same set number.
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