Official Library File Format Restictions

RE: Official Library File Format Restictions
(2020-06-04, 15:25)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Stugs have been moved to the Part Number spec. I moved the LDConfig paragraph under the Colour Restictions heading.

Id like more comment. Particularly I'd like comments on the general rules for shortcuts.

I'm not keen on shortcuts - though some are surely usefull. In particular I don't like shortcuts with flat stickers on bricks as well as all minifig assemblies that go beond the very basic torso-arms, hip-leg.

You should consider incorporate Colour Definitions into Standards: Colour Definition Language Extension as a practical example.

There is nothing on patterned parts and the requirment of their plane counterpart in the library.

Nothing on canvas/fabric/cloth - guess it should go into the part numbering and we should address a convention when Canvas or Cloth is used.

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