Official Library File Format Restictions

RE: Official Library File Format Restictions
(2020-05-28, 21:48)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Also, the "Parts numbering scheme for parts with unknown numbers" and "Official Library Specification for Sticker Parts" should be folded into the main document. There are also some pages on the PT that can be added as well.

Fine with this.

(2020-05-28, 21:48)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Basically, I'm opening the entire "File Format Restrictions for the Official Library" document up for revision. How should this document be laid out? What else should be included? I have the ability to separate sections in to tabs and other formatting tricks. I also think a downloadable PDF for quick, offline reference might be a good idea. Maybe even a Quick Reference One Sheet for commonly used info.

No tabs. Would just be the same thing in blue. I'd say one long document with a content table at the top or side as it is now.

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