Variant livestock? 64452**, 95341pb01, 87621**...

RE: Variant livestock? 64452**, 95341pb01, 87621**...
(2020-05-28, 4:50)Brett Shelton Wrote: Boy, my tech skills are so out of date. I thought I might be able to tackle authoring but the learning curve is well beyond me. 

I'm trying to build a MOC of an Indian market and was hoping (someone) could use the existing Cow (64452**) as a basis for a zebu (humped/indicine/Brahman) cattle and maybe an Asian water buffalo or maybe even an Arvin East (frankly more common in the southern regions than the big zebu).

Obviously, realism at minifig scales is (insert Indian head wobble). Main things would be adding the hump, maybe making them a little less well-fed, and changing the direction of the horn pin holes (for the AE).

The singularly uncommon goat (95341pb01) would be totally necessary for this endeavor. Even better if there was a Nubian variant with extra long ears, but beggars can't be choosers. 

Androgynous piggy parent (87621**) could use a drove of piglets. Maybe something similar to the chicken, with just a little solid form, but with a 1x2 base?

Can post pics of breeds of anyone is interested. If it was as easy as clicking and dragging vertices, I would at least try to do it myself.

Done some work on the goat a long time ago, attached the file. Could be put on the tracker, but don't have the time to solve issues with this part the coming weeks, if any.

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