Looking for advices - first MOC

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(2020-05-16, 13:07)P1l0t3 Wrote: Thanks for the colour info. As stated, that is my first try.
The black used is from the tires, so yeah, newbie mistake here, I used it everywhere after. Silly me Smile
As for the submodels, this is me using LCAD on the surface and not diving into its functionnalities.
I will have to explore that to see how it can ease and facilitate any other built I would like to start.

I did find and use the MOC you are refering to, but only to confirm some piece arrangements. Will try to learn from the best Smile

But so far, you are not pointing any structural issues, so I'm glad.
I will look into buying the parts so I can do it live.
Thanks !

For structural check I usually use http://stud.io/ it has a feature to check "Stability".
You can import your ldr file in there. And even if that is 100% sound, moving elements might have some challanges.

For example, I use plates to slides over in my "Klotski" MOCs (on rebrickable), in practise I found that even on a flat table there is works ok, but there is still to much margin between the bottom tiles to make fail proof always sliding smooth. So some stuff you'll only learn by building the actual model. Smile

And there is a real kick in having the model you worked digitally come to life in real bricks, certainly when it works like intended.
[color=gray]My LEGO MOC's with PDF building instructions and stop-motion animations can be found on https://rebrickable.com/users/BrickDesignerNL/mocs/[/color]
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