Looking for advices - first MOC

RE: Looking for advices - first MOC
(2020-05-15, 13:27)P1l0t3 Wrote: And here I am, half of the car is done in LCAD and I wanted to get feedback on various elements for this MOC :
- Is it structurally sound (I have a concern with the base plate and its junctions)
- Are they "standards" to follow when doing a set ?
- Any other tips or tricks to help me ?
Seem like a nice start, some notes:

- You are using rubber black for all black parts.
- Instead of grouping the tyres try using submodels that way you only have one assembly while using it 4 times as a 'single part'.
- The front spoiler I would move into a submodel too, but as it's only used once it a personal choice. Unless you're planing to make building instructions and want it assembled separately.

my 2cts
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