Looking for advices - first MOC

Looking for advices - first MOC

i dived again in the lego world while buying sets for my son and craving to do them with him. But as I wanted to let him do them himself, I started to get frustrated Smile

And this is when I stumbled upon the beautiful RS2027 Vision set. And it astounding price point....

This is when I started using LDD and with the amount of pieces missing I went to LCAD. I started to reverse engineering the set with photos (from both the set and the real car).
I continue my search and found the lsit pieces and some user manual pages that helped me a lot to move on with the rebuilt.

However, i wanted something different from the original set so i digressed from the available models and tried to get closer to the real car.

And here I am, half of the car is done in LCAD and I wanted to get feedback on various elements for this MOC :
- Is it structurally sound (I have a concern with the base plate and its junctions)
- Are they "standards" to follow when doing a set ?
- Any other tips or tricks to help me ?

Thanks a lot.

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