LDCad LDCad problem with graphics card driver, linux

RE: LDCad problem with graphics card driver, linux
(2020-05-10, 7:26)Owen Dive Wrote: I see that one too, normally. But whatever happens with the new driver, happens before that line can be saved to the log.

I'll hold off rolling back to the old driver for another day or two, in case I can provide any extra debugging assistance.

I've checked the code and the reason for that warning is that sometimes (just on Linux it seems) the main application window is not yet fully initialized/active at the moment I try to make the OpenGL context the current one.

The alternative method mentioned does nothing more then an extra show/put on top dialog call before trying the make current thing again.

All functions involved are from the wxWidgets library.

The Linux version still uses wxWidgets 3.0 because when last tried 3.1 broke more then it fixed.

I was planning to compile 1.7 with the latest wxWidgets version for both platforms as it's going to be an alpha anyway.

I could try to compile the current 1.6d with a newer wxWidgets but I have to find the time as it's a very busy week for me.

Does the new driver actually fixes anything for you, making the rollback somewhat unwanted?

I usually have a 'If it isn't broke don't fix' policy with the vga drivers as I have had on too many problems after upgrades myself on both Windows and Linux. Big Grin
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