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RE: Rebrickable LDCad PBG export
(2020-05-01, 16:38)Orion Pobursky Wrote: - "-1" is automatically appended if not found and a message generated
- The download button works now
- If a part isn't found, the messages will provide you a link to the part on Rebrickable.

Still to be done:
 - Polish up the UI
 - Look up the set name
 - Implement template replacement
 - Populate the cross ref file

I did a bunch of updates:
- Lots of polish done
- Set name is now looked up and included
- Part number choice is now more intelligent.
- Automatically redirects Moved To and Alias parts

Known problems:
- Option checkboxes don't actually do anything
- Template replacement not implemented
- Cross ref file has zero entries so effectively doesn't do anything
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