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(2020-05-01, 19:22)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Some time ago, Philippe helped me searching minifig parts and mentioned the description. This way I found many correct LDraw numbers as replacement for Rebrickable's PBG-parts and this is what is done in LDInspector when on the web pane "S" is pressed for a part (ranking the results is not always accurate, but sometimes I treat the results being not too bad). Maybe description-lookup could be useful to have a replacement guess?

I would love to have a web based Rebrickable and Bricklink part list that is comparable before the export (which I tried in LDInspector but what I am not yet happy with). I would like to offer help in coding, testing, whatever - so please let me know if I may support. Smile

Thanks for the offer.

I think this is a topic for a separate thread but here's what I want help on: the format for the cross ref file. I keep changing my mind on how I want to structure it. I think some input from other developer will help me finalize things. That said, I strongly prefer it be JSON (or XML if you twist my arm).

As far as the actual cross ref data, I've submitted over 400 pattern corrections to Rebrickable. I'm finished through p2<x> torso assembly cross ref via spread sheet. Minifig, minidoll, and Technic action figure cross ref remain my focus for assemblies (since these won't get LDraw equivalents). You can see my efforts here:
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