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RE: Rebrickable LDCad PBG export
I just finished doing a full comparative scan of the library vs. RB's database. It took quite a bit of time since I had to wait 3 sec between requests to prevent triggering RB's automatic throttling. I broke the results down into 3 categories:
  • Match, this is where¬† LDraw number was found in the Rebrickable database either directly (e.g. 3001 in both) or via RB's cross reference data (e.g. most patterned parts)
  • Possible error, this is a match that refers to a part whose name begins with ~,=,_,| meaning the RB database is possibly pointing to a moved, obsolete, or alias part and a change request may need to be submitted
  • Not found, the LDraw number does not exist in the RB database either directly or via internal cross reference

There's a 4th category that I'll add when I format the data and that's parts with a Bricklink number in the keywords. This 4th category will most likely overlap with the Found/Not Found categories above since I ran this as a separate scan.

The results can be found here:

I've asked the RB team about the preferred method to submit a large amount change requests.
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