Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help

RE: Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help
(2022-04-14, 17:27)Roland Melkert Wrote: glTF will export static models just fine in the current version.

It just needs some post tweaking at the moment.

- dial down the light intensity or it will look overexposed.
- some materials need better default properties (transparent parts aren't that transparent at the moment etc).
- also be sure to delete the default camera/light as the glTF includes those too.

If you want to tweak materials used in all exports you can do that using the files in the glTF/defaults folder.

I would be very interested if you make any improvements on those settings,  as I'm no blender expert so the current default material settings are far from perfect Big Grin

So I have some results now that I have my 1.7 version working. 

For some reason the default colors are not the default LDraw colors. Is there a reason for this? 

Here is the first render using the default export colors (even the ground is supposed to be Dark Bluish Gray):
[Image: GaBzXS4.png]

I thought it was over exposed for sure. I first thought to check the hex color values and found they were different than the LD standard colors. I changed them to the default colors:
[Image: Mk72wof.png]

I then thought that the LEGO wasnt shiny enough so I changed the roughness to 0.33 on all the materials:
[Image: 8yCXWzW.png]

I also thought the black was too blue so I changed that to RGB HEX #111A20
[Image: gWt5aKb.png]

Im going to keep playing with this. I know that the lighting reflects and can have a big effect on color. Once I can figure out how to share my scene I will do that as well for consistency sake as a comparison.

Hope this is helpful.
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