Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help

RE: Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help
(2020-03-01, 2:11)Roland Melkert Wrote: Some more progress, this is how it now renders 'out-of-the-box':

Turned out the missing material was due to a typo in some ID tag Big Grin

It now only seem to ignore the alpha channel in the diffuse value.

Also something weird is going on with the material binding as it sometimes attaches to the mesh while it should always be attached to the node object.

Anyone has a clue on why that could happen, all the refs are defined in a loop and thus exactly the same except for some names and matrices and there is nothing special/different about the parts referenced ether.

Hi Roland - I started with Toby Nelson’s LDraw Blender importer and created an additional module to automate the render. I modified the importer to enable common LDraw capabilities like supporting multiple search paths, importing an archive library etc... The addon can be used by any application using the out of the box Blender API/addon calls. You can see full details at my GitHub repo repo. I believe working directly with the LDraw format is optimal.


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