Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
(2020-06-19, 22:08)Miguel Reizinho Wrote: I would find very useful if, when you have a part selected, the information would still be displayed in the status bar. And that you could configure a right click menu (perhaps in text file) that would open URLs. And Double click for a default URL!

In the example above, If I would right click on the status bar, a menu would pop up that would have the following options:

Open Part in:

Bricklink (default)
LDraw Part Tracker
Great idea!
Better said, two ideas:

1. the first one is doable: do not clear the part description from status bar immediately after mouse cursor is out of the part. I'd add "think up how to display a complete description" because many times the description text is too long for the status bar
2. URLs, configurable - great idea! However, it'd need a transition from LDCAD part codes to BL ones, which is an ongoing project, AFAIK.
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