Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: Eye view - the ability to move the camera as if you're in a first person game, this will make it easier to go into tight spaces such as a room in a  house and inspect building errors etc. The movement could be tied to the grid stepping.
I'm working on something like this for 1.7, but it will be an animation mode thing.

Originally I wanted to push this back to 2.0 as the 2.0 rendering engine is much better with large scenes as 1.x does only some very basic frustum (near plane) culling.

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: The ability to select all parts of a given type or color does exist but only if you assign a keyboard hotkey for 'select working part' or 'select working color' and then holding shift when you want to do 'select working part' / 'select working color' a second time. But shift does not work with the menu item, only a hotkey so maybe add shift support to the menu item and also assign a keyboard shortcut by default for 'select working part/color' because it is used super often.
If I understand correctly the main problem is selecting a work part/color without loosing the selection?
Maybe an option to make the 'hot' part the working part/color?

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: Also a 'select all connected parts' like in LDD would be cool.
That would be very cool indeed, but its very complicated Big Grin I do have some snapping improvements planned for 2.0 though.

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: The ability to rotate multiple bricks but where they have their own rotation centers instead of a single rotation center where everything else selected orbits that.
Might be handy, I'll look into it.
Until then there is a sample marcro for this, it applies the orientation of the first selected part to all other parts in the selection. If needed you can adjust it to (also) apply relative rotation.

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: A secondary color ootion like in MSpaint by right clicking on a color square in the color menu and having a second long square telling you the currently selected secondary color.
I did consider using multiple work part/colors before but I'm afraid it will complicate things too much.

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: Also the ability to automatically align another part to a part with a diagonaal edge like a wing plate. example
This would need additional information stored in parts (like snapping and mirroring).
Afterwards it would need a way to cycle trough the orientations that information supplies.
Someone has suggested something similar like this before in order to use something other then the parts local 0,0,0 while dragging/snapping.

(2020-03-02, 5:32)SNIPE Wrote: A new 'node view' editing pane like in the following video for auto generating parametric structures like in grasshoooer/blender:
Script would the why to do this in 1.6. An interactive flow chart like that video is something I would like very much at some point but it will get complicated very fast.
My LD4DStudio project had something similar to it, but very little people used it. That's why I decided to go script only in LDCad which basiclly does the same (without the gui) trough the aniTools module.
I might bring back some kind of gui for 2.0 though, but not sure yet.
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