Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
I think that most can be accomplished with hotkey configs.

(2020-01-19, 20:53)Ulrich Röder Wrote: * Bullseye symbol will switch to the central view of the object
Group: edit window
Subgroup: view
Command: Center the selection in the current view
Key: C

when I press "C", the part selected is centered on view.

Use it together with command right bellow that one: "Center and zoom content in order to fit it inside current view"

With these two hotkeys I think you will be able to achieve what you want.

Quote:* Split window icon - popup as usual
Group: edit window
Subgroup: split
Command: Switch between (temporary) single/multi views

Quote:* Cam icon - popup as usual
I don't know if I understood correctly your request, but if your talking about changing view to cam, you can also use hotkeys

Group: edit window
Subgroup: option
Command: Switch between perspective and orthographic projection
Key: V
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