Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
(2020-01-16, 23:15)Roland Melkert Wrote: There is a basic csv export of the bin content (new in 1.6c) you could process that into anything you want.
I use that. But then I have to rework it through a Google spreadsheet of mine so I can get the correspondent BL ID and BL Color from the LDraw parts and colors AND combine both to get the LEGO element ID so I can retrieve the correspondent image. It's a complicated process that uses Brickset API for parts information and Ryan Howerter color chart.

You can get the parts info from this URL:
And color Chart from here:

Right now it's almost 41.000 different parts and that makes the whole process slow and tiresome.

You can check the file HERE if you are curious. Just enter a LEGO ID (on column B) or a combination of BL ID and BL Color (on columns D and E) to see magic happens

(2020-01-16, 23:15)Roland Melkert Wrote: This can be done by copy in nested mode and then paste into a new model.
Wow! Like I said: it's always amazing to learn something new about LDCad  Smile

(2020-01-16, 23:15)Roland Melkert Wrote: That's a tough one, but thanks for reminding of this issue as I totally forgot about it
Argh! This drives me so mad that I even thought about having my own modified 24246.dat file to prevent this problem (@Philo? hint, hint. nudge, nudge?)
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