Time for another LDConfig update?

RE: Time for another LDConfig update?
(2020-01-09, 17:45)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I don't see these as "Transparent with Glitter".
They look more like a soft, milky, semi-transparent, sometimes pearlecent, plastic.

I think these "new colours" might show a need for Trans colours with values for Alpha, Luminance and Material.
Look at the trans-green Bar 4L and light blue transparent Lightning Bolt part, in the same video review, in the post from New Elementary.

And in the new Trolls sets there's also some parts made of felt or foam.

(I've updated my table above.)

Concerning material, I got one of the fairy-tale books and the book-cover has different surfaces. One glossy one, like the usual parts and partially a bit of a matte finish. Ideally that should be modeled, respectively rendered.
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