LDPub3D - assembly scale vs camera distance

RE: LDPub3D - assembly scale vs camera distance
(2019-11-17, 10:05)Hendrix Wrote: I'm just getting started with LPub3D (after running into Studio's limits with flexible parts and switching to LDCad).  I'm having trouble with something that seems pretty basic; I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.  In the Configuration>Build Instructions Setup>Assembly Setup menu, a couple of different tutorials mention a scale setting.  However in my LPub3d (v2.3.12), I only find "Camera Distance", which seems to do something similar. 

Could someone explain the difference between "camera distance" and "scale"?  And where can I set the global default scale and then modify it for a given page in the instructions?

This has to do with the renderer you use.
If you use the Native renderer you speak of Camera distance
If you use LDView you have to deal with scale

You can modify both in the Assembly Setup menu and set it to a global scale.

Jaco van der Molen
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