Require Bricklink ID for pattern parts

RE: Require Bricklink ID for pattern parts
(2019-11-12, 20:05)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I don’t really see the analogue since once a number is chosen it (very likely) will not change. How about strongly suggest but not require then?

I would support having the BL number there, would ease the search for the parts in the editors (that may be aware)
The BL number is not under our control and mostly (with a few rare exceptions) the printed part is first assigned a number on BL before we author them.

In my opinion, the BL number makes more sense than adding the Set Number for "generic" parts. Apart from a few very special (licenced) pieces, e.g 30216, 30215, there will be a reuse ultimately by TLC for most parts that are introduced at a point in time.
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