Problem with perspective in LPub3D

RE: Problem with perspective in LPub3D
(2019-10-30, 22:15)Trevor Sandy Wrote: Hello Stefan,

With v2.3.13 you can set the LDView renderer to use a non-ortho projection using the new “Additional renderer arguments” dialogue - See GitHub Ticket #332. The setting is -FOV=<a>, where a is a degree between 0.01 and 90. 

Here is the FOV documentation from LDView help:

In LPub3D, when you set the renderer projection to Perspective and your Preferred Renderer as LDView, the default FOV (0.01) is replaced with the FOV you specify -e.g. from the CSI/PLI context menu; however, this value is assigned to the L3P Camera Angle setting -ca<a> which, I recently discovered, behaves differently from directly using the LDView FOV setting described above.

UPD: GitHub ticket #373 provides a better example of how to use the additional renderer dialogue.

Hello Trevor,
it does not work for me unfortunately. See the attachment. LDView is on "perspective", i have played through all extreme (0.1 ... 90). even with "<>" and without.

Best regards

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