Problem with perspective in LPub3D

RE: Problem with perspective in LPub3D
(2019-10-29, 8:50)Stefan Weinert Wrote: Unfortunately I still have the same effect despite version 2.3.13, where I can switch between "perspective" and "orthographic". I have again put my settings in the appendix

Hello Stefan,

With v2.3.13 you can set the LDView renderer to use a non-ortho projection using the new “Additional renderer arguments” dialogue - See GitHub Ticket #332. The setting is -FOV=<a>, where a is a degree between 0.01 and 90. 

Here is the FOV documentation from LDView help:
Quote:Field of view (Default: 45):

Enter a number in this field to control the field of view (in degrees). Setting this to the minimum value of 0.1 will produce an image that is essentially orthographic. Setting it to the maximum value of 90 will produce a wide-angle view.

In LPub3D, when you set the renderer projection to Perspective and your Preferred Renderer as LDView, the default FOV (0.01) is replaced with the FOV you specify -e.g. from the CSI/PLI context menu; however, this value is assigned to the L3P Camera Angle setting -ca<a> which, I recently discovered, behaves differently from directly using the LDView FOV setting described above.

UPD: GitHub ticket #373 provides a better example of how to use the additional renderer dialogue.

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