Rotation & angle of universal joint?

RE: Rotation & angle of universal joint?
(2019-10-04, 17:46)Roland Melkert Wrote: Yes, it would need a more specialized version of the script which does both joints in one go.

It should be possible by extending the steering wheel direction and finding the best intersection point on it instead of blindly using a point B.

That's exactly what I'm thinking. I envision a feature I call "vector snapping"—it's similar to rotation snapping (as suggested here), but instead of finding the angle to snap to a nearby single part, it finds the intersection of two relative axes: that of the part/assembly being rotated, and that of another one nearby, allowing you to translate the second part/assembly along its own azimuth to intersect the one being rotated.

(I envision it as a snapping feature, but I suppose it doesn't have to be. You'd probably already know which second axis you want to align with, so you could just select the two axes and apply a function to find the intersection point.)
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