Rotation & angle of universal joint?

RE: Rotation & angle of universal joint?
Yes—it does indeed work! I came up with the same workaround as Philo for the 4L U-joint; here's how it looks…

  1. First, install the U-joint parts onto the axle in the usual manner (without any rotation):
  2. Next, select the hub part and choose REL editing grid. Then, set the positions of the end parts to 0,0,0 (by removing the 30 LDU offset on the Z-axis):
  3. Apply the script:
  4. Now, move the end parts to their proper positions using part snapping or grid plane editing (making sure the the grid orientation is set REL to the axle, not the rotated hub):
Don't forget to add the 2L axle to the link section! Also, be careful to select the parts in the correct order when applying the script, as the end parts appear reversed from their eventual positions.

There is one tiny quibble with this solution: it doesn't allow placing the end parts tight together on the 2L link section, because that would require sliding the angled axle slightly downward, and we don't know that exact position. I can envision a new feature that would allow such a placement…but I'll post about that another time.  Wink
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