Prims Problem with LDPC/LDPE

RE: Prims Problem with LDPC/LDPE
(2019-08-14, 21:01)Johann Eisner Wrote: I don't know, if the problem already is known, so I report it.
When I export a file from LDPC to a .dat file, the prims are placed at a wrong position.
It looks like, they are mirroed at the the x and y axis.
To show what I mean, I have attached screenshots and the base files.
Apart from the LDPC issue you mention (primitive managing in LDPC has always been tricky), please, please, don't use LDraw primitives there! Their only benefit is that they allow primitive substitution and better curves, but this area is so tiny that it's not worth the trouble (expecially since the larger curves nearby can't be substituted). Moreover, as you did it, this uses many rings, thus a large number of triangles to be rendered.
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