Primitives in non-LEGO parts libraries

RE: Primitives in non-LEGO parts libraries
(2019-08-13, 5:56)Chris Dee Wrote: I have a side interest in the Other Parts Libraries and have a couple of stalled projects that I intend to add there (Nanoblock and Bayko) when time allows. Just like the main LDraw library these libraries benefit from the re-usable primitives concept. My question is should primitives used there include the '!LDRAW_ORG ....' lines and should they share the LDraw primitive naming conventions (e.g. 4-4cyli.dat)?
I have some interest in Nanoblocks too, they have a few interesting sets. There's also the compatible Brixies, thay seem to make other parts, eg. "base plates", as can be seen in this Luzern Chapel Bridge...

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