LPub3D: Output resolution change?

RE: LPub3D: Output resolution change?
(2019-07-06, 15:28)Victor Di Rienzo Wrote: Other option you can add to the pdf export is to merge all the objects of the page i to 1 image.

Let me explain. When you export the pdf you can open it with coreldraw or adobe ilustratir or any of those software and the model is 1 image, the pli is other and the background is other.

The idea is to be able to merge all of them as its done when you export a png file so. The final pdf cant be edited.

Interesting discussion I am just reading and following now.

I certainly would like to keep the PDF out as it is, so that you can edit the individual elements.

So please make this optional?
Jaco van der Molen
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