LPub3D: Output resolution change?

RE: LPub3D: Output resolution change?
(2019-07-06, 19:57)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I forgot to mention, but PCs and Macs can fight over these settings. On a Mac, one non-Retina "pixel" is treated as a "point", which means 1/72nd of an inch. So, even though non-Retina displays are usually around 100 PPI, and Retina displays are around 200 PPI (on Macs), the Mac treats them as if they are 72 PPI and 144 PPI respectively. On Windows, I think that the default assumption is that the display is 100 PPI. So if software does pay attention to the setting for on-screen rendering, you'll get different results on a Mac vs. a PC. Having said that, hardly any software pays attention to this setting for on-screen rendering. Because of that, using 72ppi as the setting for a 1x scale factor will usually be your best bet.

LPub3D sets the default rendered PPI/DPI at 150px. Of course this can be changed by the user.
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