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(2019-12-05, 14:06)Moreau Wrote: the model in LDraw has plenty of lighting so i don't know why i would need a light source. I did find something called pov ray (light.dat) but it does'n seem to do anything when placed in the model.
I have a headless minifig submodel with the part center moved to the top of the neck peg, which puts it at about eye-level. i just dont have any idea yet how to make the camera attach itself to that center or follow the submodel move-for-move.
what is a helper part?

POV-Ray is a renderer LDCad can export an animation to. It allows for much more realistic rendering of the scene (shadows, reflections, etc etc). Extra lights would be needed if the camera is inside the model completely surrounded by bricks.

The light.dat is something another POV-Ray exporter uses to add extra lights to a model, but in LDCad it isn't used. Instead you can add extra (animated) lights to the scene using script.

A helper part is just some part you use to make the animation, it has no function in the model itself.

I'll setup something in the next several days you could use as a starting point. Maybe I'll include it as a sample animation script for the 1.6d version as I very much like this kind of animation use.
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