LDCad 1.6c (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.6c (win+linux)
(2019-06-26, 20:17)Roland Melkert Wrote: I was also planning on overhauling the part bin structure, but decided to leave that for 2.0 instead.

Hi Roland,

Thanks for this update. I got 1.6c running smoothly.

I did some re-work on the part bins for my self in 1.6b and got most things like I wanted it there.
However, I cannot seem to repeat this entirely in 1.6c.

For example: I'd like the Plate 1x1 with sockets, joints and balls in a modified plate category I created, so that the normal plates category is not too crowded.
[Image: 6043639] [Image: 6039482] [Image: 6043656] [Image: 6039479] [Image: 6123814]
I wanted these to be excluded from the hinges bin.
The strange thing is that I only am able to include the last two in my bin.
The other 3 with sockets and socket and ball are no where to be found.

Any idea how to do that?
Jaco van der Molen
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