LDCad 1.6c (win+linux)

LDCad 1.6c (win+linux)
I decided to release LDCad 1.6c early  Big Grin

I was planning on some more scripting examples and maybe a new animation but unfortunately I can't seem to find the time needed at the moment.

Also the 1.6c version has been long overdue

This version includes mostly (minor) bug fixes and some tweaks to existing behavior.

It also includes some new stuff, namely:
  • File cleanup templates
  • Part bin export
  • Scripting api extensions (I also decided to open up the lua 'io' module.
  • Some new scripted macros including some MLCad 'HIDE' tools.
  • New, 1802, templates, also tweaks some existing ones to be more consistent with their static counter parts.
  • Snap and mirror info for, most of, the 1802 library.
For the full list of changes see the changeLog.txt file.

I was also planning on overhauling the part bin structure, but decided to leave that for 2.0 instead.

You can download the newest version here:
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