How to fold multi-part submodel correctly

RE: How to fold multi-part submodel correctly
(2019-04-04, 8:38)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Hi Lutz,
It's diffucult to give a definite answer to your question, as it depends on the exact geometry used... But LDcad (that runs on Linux) does include great measurement tools (distance, angle, triangle closure) that help a lot.

Hi Philippe,

thanks for your reply. So your general advice - as far as general advice can be given - is to optimize by hand aided by the measurement tools of LDCad. I'll give it a try. I have got the impression that LDCad is generally the most powerful ldraw editor available. Would you agree to that? I am aware that this is a possibly even more general question than my previous one and I'm certainly not trying to start a flame war about what the best editor is. However, as a beginner it is not easy to decide which software to choose to get more deeply into.

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